Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SuperPad Android Tablet Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks
ü To turn On
o Press & hold Power button---you will hear a buzz and feel vibration and after
boot up you will be prompted to click and slide up the unlock icon
ü To turn Off
o Press & hold Power button---you will feel a slight vibration then will be
prompted to confirm power off by clicking and dragging up the green circle
icon on the bottom right
ü To place in and out of StandBy---tap power button on top of tablet
ü In standby mode your tablet is using battery so it’s best to do a
shutdown when not
planning to use for long periods of time
ü If your tablet locks up or freezes --- use the stylus to press the
Reset button on
bottom of tablet
o If your tablet does not come back after a reset it’s probable that you will
have to re-image it---instructions are included below
ü Google Android Market
o This is where you go to download applications
o Requires a Google account (Gmail)
o You will be prompted to sign in or create new account the first time you try
to use the Market
ü Micro SD
o It’s recommended that you install at least one micro SD card in slot 1 (the
slot above the back button) before installing too many applications. Some
applications require the SD card for installation. The SD card is used to hold
the applications data but the app itself is installed on the internal memory.
ü If you receive an error going into the Android Market its most
likely due to a failed
update to the Android Market application. Below are the steps to fix:
o Click Menu
o System Settings (lower right)
o Applications
o Manage Applications
o Scroll to locate and click on the ‘Market’ application
o Click on Uninstall Updates
o Click on OK
o Press back button to the main applications page (with all your icons)
o Click on Android Market icon and within a few moments the updated
application will install automatically (in the background)
ü Use the Browser icon to get to get to the internet!
ü Any standard external USB keyboard or mouse can be connected as well as
standard USB memory keys. You can also connect a USB hard drive as longs as its
formatted in FAT 32
ü Skype video does not work on the tablet (this is an Android issue with forward
facing cameras)
ü When in an application and looking for more options or menus you might need to
press the menu button for additional menu inputs
ü When in an application, pressing the Home button will take you to
the home screen
but does leave the application running. If you wish to exit you will
need to press
the back button
ü If your tablet seems sluggish you may have too many applications running
o A simple reboot should solve the problem.
ü Voice Search is a known Android bug, clicking on this icon will
cause sound to stop
working until a reboot occurs. Expected fix in a future release
ü Our favorite applications to install from the Android Market:
o Ebay
o Google Maps
o FlySmart (excellent resource for airport and flight information)
o Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons (fun games)
o Facebook
o Twitter
o Adobe Reader
o Google Books
o Kindle App
o ES File Explorer (excellent application for copying files from USB memory
keys and SD cards)
o ES Task Manager
o Fast Reboot (great for when your tablet is running slow---kills all apps)
ü Enjoy your tablet!
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